9 June, 2010
Somehow I seem to have fallen out of fictional inspiration lately, having difficulties finding the time and inspiration to focusing my mind on it.
It is still my hope and intention to some day get back to the Wordzzle game and finish off The Slumber Party Mystery story.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Raven's Wordzzle Challenge # 96

Raven's Wordzzle Challenge # 96

Badger, roll out the barrel, amazing, a lovely cup of tea, pressure, frozen, Gandalf, pixies, top gear

smelly, politician, favourite, token gesture, garden

The Slumber Party Mystery
Chapter 42 - An Invitation for Afternoon Tea

Adam had been sitting at the very back of the church during the service. He was surprised that neither Diana nor William nor Skittles seemed to take any notice of him at all, neither when they came in nor when they went out. Yesterday morning Skittles had been giving the impression of looking at Adam as if he were a smelly politician, and Adam had been feeling under some pressure fearing he'd have the police lieutenant at his heels like a badger over the next few days.

Outside the church Adam found himself trapped for a while in conversation with Mrs Anderson, who gladly seized the opportunity for chat with her favourite doctor. Meanwhile, some children kept running round and round them like little pixies.Just as Adam was beginning to feel irritated, one little girl came up close to him, gave him a wink and put a piece of paper in his hand. Adam made polite excuses to Mrs Anderson and withdrew to read the note.

For a moment Adam stood like frozen to the ground."Amazing," he said to himself. "Is this supposed to be some kind of weird token gesture?" Because what he was holding in his hand was another one of the Brigadier General's cards, with a message not unlike the one that had got him to go up to the General's house on Friday afternoon. It read:

If you have the possibility, please join us in the garden this afternoon for a lovely cup of tea.

The card was not signed. Adam supposed Diana must be the sender, but then who did she mean by "us"? Wasn't her grandfather still in the hospital?

"Hm," thought Adam. "Before I put in the top gear and roll out the barrel this time (he hardly knew himself what he meant by that), I think I'd better check up on how old Gandalf is doing..."


  1. Well you have Adam back in the game and we still don't know what the game is. Great and clever use of the words.

  2. I feel the suspense is building up again. I read your comment to Raven about having to go round the houses because of something your wrote in an earlier post. I've had to do that with Harold as well, so you're not alone. I've really enjoyed this whole story and it'll be a shame to end it, but all things must pass, I suppose. Great use of these awkward words this week.

  3. Hi.. Glad you are back. Sorry you're tired of your story. I admire those of you who do serial stories... I think it adds an extra level of difficulty and then it becomes a burden on you to entertain us all until the very end. Glad you brought the doctor back in. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Mine is a touch gloomy and I think my country has lost what's left of it's collective mind, which isn't helping at all.

  4. By the way - I loved that last sentence... made me laugh.

  5. Thanks. Well, it still remains to be seen if I will ever actually succeed to reach something like a proper ending. The truth is the story has been going on for so long now that I'm losing track of all the loose ends myself; and every time I forget something or have to add something because of new impossible words, it gets worse!

    Not sure how strategic it is to confess it but what I did just recently was actually to unintentionally leave one of my characters behind. To put it bluntly: I forgot about him! Not a good thing when publishing by episode!!! LOL